AJ Whiteside

Birthdate: January 5

Birthplace: Cameron, Texas

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Favorite food: Mexican food

Pet Peeve: Negative people

Funniest moment on-air: Once It was on the air when a goat join me in the studio

You’d never know but… I got to keep that one a secret for now

What are you afraid of? The consequences I would face if I don’t do God’s will

Favorite Song: You Got To Give It Up – Marvin Gaye

Single or Taken: Married

Motto: “Thinking Ain’t worth a damn , when you know”

Bad Habits: Taking on too many projects at one time

What I would do if I wasn’t in radio: Coaching or doing some public speaking

How did you get into radio? Communication Degree from PVAMU

Three words that describe your personality: Generous

Hobbies: Computers, working out (weights and running) I enjoy watching professional baseball …..I’m a big Texas Rangers fan…….