Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording AcademyLast week, rapper Meek Mill dropped his latest single, “Believe,” featuring Justin Timberlake. The uplifting song offers a sharp cultural take on drug addiction and prison reform, while motivating others to follow their dreams.

Now the Philadelphia native has taken to Twitter to start a new challenge, asking fans to reflect on their strides towards progress. He posted the caption, “#believechallenge post your progress no matter how far you came!!!” along with a picture of his younger self holding one of his first mixtapes, as well as a more recent photo.

Social media users soon began making similar posts of their own progress and advancements.  

Meek Mill is on a path of positivity and love, working as an outspoken criminal justice reform advocate and serving a role model and inspiration for many through his music.

“Believe if you feel down and out with nowhere to turn bang this s*** b4 you go to sleep tonight!” Meek also wrote on Instagram recently.

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