Nicki Minaj blasts Joe Budden during explosive episode of Queen Radio: “You like tearing down women”

John Shearer/Getty Images via ABC

Nicki Minaj‘s latest episode of her Beats 1 show, Queen Radio really brought the drama. 

Monday afternoon, the Head Barb was joined by Joe Budden for the show’s one-year anniversary and the rapper-turned-media personality quickly found himself in the hot seat. Never one to hold her tongue, Nicki addressed Budden’s claims that “Hot Girl Summer,” her new collab with Megan Thee Stallion, is a calculated scheme to game fans.

“I went on [Instagram] Live to discuss the ‘MEGATRON’ [challenge] winners, and when I was on there I saw a lot of people telling me to go on with Megan,” Nicki explained, describing how the song came about.

“[Megan] basically hinted at the fact she wanted me on the song. When we got off the Live I spoke with [her team],” she continued, adding that she loved the track as soon as she heard it.

Nicki then accused Budden of calling her a liar.  He responded by saying that the “music industry is calculated,” but clarified that his opinion wasn’t a personal attack on her.

Nicki also addressed Budden’s claims that she was blindsided by Cardi B‘s verse on “Motorsport,” and that’s why she re-recorded it. Eventually, the conversation devolved into a shouting match.

“You like tearing down women when they can’t defend themselves!” Nicki exclaimed. “You like tearing down women when you can try to end their career because low key you’re jealous of their success, right?!”

At one point, the rapper cut off Budden’s microphone and listeners suspected that he left the studio. However, Nicki later appeared on his podcast, and claimed that certain gatekeepers in hip-hop had attempted to end her career, but have failed to do so.

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