Offset catches flack after releasing new album trailer that includes footage of Cardi B giving birth

ABC/Randy HolmesOffset found himself on the receiving end of fierce criticism, after dropping off a trailer for his highly-anticipated solo debut album. 

The promotional video made its rounds on social media Sunday night as the Migos frontman was accompanying Cardi B during her historic night at the Grammys. In the clip, Offset shows us private moments in his life, including the pressures of raising his children as he juggles his music career. 

One scene in particular takes fans inside of the delivery room as Cardi gives birth to their daughterKulture — and that’s what many Twitter users are now taking issue with.  They were quick to criticize Offset for using such a personal moment as a marketing ploy.

“I highly doubt Offset album is gonna be good enough to live up to putting his wife giving birth on the trailer for it,” one fan tweeted

“Offset wouldn’t even give Cardi her moment at the grammys, plus, this n**** used her [delivery] video for the trailer to HIS trash album. He is a clout chaser,” added another

A few fans, however, chose to defend the Atlanta lyricist. 

“Y’all being mad at Offset for the timing of the album trailer shows that y’all have literally zero idea who pushes the buttons in the music industry,” one Twitter user wrote

While Offset’s solo debut is yet to be titled, the project is set to be released on Feb. 22. The rapper has previously teased that he would be delving into more personal topics for the forthcoming effort. 

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