Lil Kim celebrates birthday by releasing provocative new track, “Nasty One”

eOne MusicLil Kim celebrated her birthday Wednesday by dropping a tantalizing new track, “Nasty One.”

The Queen Bee sings and raps on the Caribbean flavored song, and she says her fans will not believe that she performed all the vocals on the track.

“They’re gonna be shocked when they hear that whole song is me,” Kim tells Billboard. “When we got to the video shoot, my glam team was like, ’Oh is the other artist coming?’ We were like ‘What?’ They’re like, ‘Yeah the other artist on the song.’ Then my manager was like ‘That’s Kim,’ and they’re like, ‘Oh shoot! That’s different!’ And I like different.”

Lil Kim was the first X-rated female rap star, and now more than two decades after she began her career, she wants to show a softer side of her persona.

“My fans have seen me on some hardcore s***. They’ve seen me on some gutter ‘I’m a gangstress, I will shoot you’re a** if you play me or you steal from me.’ They’ve seen that,” she says.

“I’ve done that. And last but not least… I’ve lived that.” Kim adds. “So it’s like, let’s see another side of Kim. Why not? Let’s see a fun side, a sexy side.”

“My music doesn’t have to be super gangster all the time,” the New York rapper says. “It’s nice to remind people that this is what I do, but at the end of the day I was a kid when I released my first album. Now I’m like this woman, this sexy kitten that knows myself now. I like having fun.”

Lil Kim will release her long-awaited fifth studio album in November, 13 years after her most recent album, The Naked Truth.

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