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Queen Bey Haters Plan Protest Outside NFL Headquarters in NYC

A group of people who are offended by Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl are set to protest against Queen Bey. “Scheduled for February 16th, the event is set to gather

Swizz Beatz Talks Being in the Studio with Kanye West

Swizz Beatz talks his friendship with Kanye West and how Kanye thinks Swizz is actually the best producer in the world. ” Do you think Swizz is the best?”

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The Beyhive Plans Counter-Protest to #BoycottBeyonce

A planned protest outside of the National Football League in New York City at 8 a.m. on February 16, in support of #BoycottBeyonce is not being received well by the singers’

Orlando Bloom + Katy Perry Start New Romance

Another new romance in Hollywood is heating up. “Indeed, on Thursday, Perry, 31, accompanied Bloom, 39, to his manager’s birthday celebration, where they hung with his pals

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